“How beautiful are the feet of them that preach good news!” Romans 10:15

Rev. Slye has been married to his wife, Jacalyn “Jackie” for 36 years. They have 2 children – Kristy and spouse Christopher have two daughters, Alexandra, 6 and Catylyn, 4 with their third on the way. Jason and spouse Rebecca have two sons Hudson, 4 and Elijah, 2.  Both Christopher and Jason will be ordained ministers this year.

He felt the Lord calling him to ministry as a young man. His grandfather – Rev. Benny Slye pioneered 12 Assembly of God churches and his father Rev. David E. Slye was a pastor for 50+ years – the anointed mantle was passed down from generation to generation.  Karl was an accomplished and successful International businessman until surrendering his life to the Lord in October 1997. Shortly after giving his life to Christ, he began studying and preparing to be a licensed minister of the Gospel of Christ.

In 2005 the Lord led him to plant a church. Greatest Freedom Ministries (GFM) began in Karl and Jackie’s home with 15 servants of Christ.  Attendance grew – and by 2007 GFM had a church building debt free, and attendance continues to grow. Greatest Freedom Ministries is associated with Faith Christian Fellowship International headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma  – with whom Rev. Slye is ordained and serves as Relational Representative.  Greatest Freedom Ministries is a world evangelism center, and home of the Extended Hands of God ministry.  Rev. Karl Slye is founder and president of Extended Hands of God – a worldwide evangelistic ministry that trains on sharing the gospel.  As a Pastor and Minister of Christ, Karl has personally led countless people to the Lord.

One of the fruit’s of the spirit most evident in his life is love. His heart for a person’s soul and well-being is like that of Christ’s. He has an evangelist’s heart and has a calling in his life to “reach the lost at any cost”.   And beyond that, the Lord has given him an anointing and has blessed him with multiple spiritual gifts to include prophecy and healing. Karl and Jackie’s vision is to travel the world to reach the lost, and to teach Christians how to share the Gospel and to walk in the Spirit.